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Tanya Valentin Professional Early Childhood Education Services

I love getting out and about – facilitating workshops all over New Zealand.

Current Workshop Dates:


Saturday, 16 March, Anchorage Park Community House, 16 Swan Crecsent, Pakuranga, Auckland.

The Intentional Teacher 8.30am-12.00pm

Tanya Valentin Professional Early Childhood Education Services


Research has shown that outstanding teachers are intentional, they do things on purpose. They are always thinking about what they are doing and how it will foster children’s development and produce real and lasting learning (Epstein, 2007).

Children learn best by play and their play should be free. Teachers need to be thoughtful, planful, purposeful and to respond intentionally to children’s learning.

During the course of this workshop we will be exploring planning and assessment for learning and how to authentically respond to children’s learning with sensitivity and respect. We will also be discussing how to invite more parent and whanau participation in their child’s learning and assessment.

This is a practical hands on workshop so please bring along some of the assessment and planning documentation that you are currently working on.

Morning tea provided.

Group size is limited, claim your spot today.

Connecting with Toddlers 1.00pm-4.30pm

Tanya Valentin Professional Early Childhood Education Services


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In this workshop, we will be exploring a curriculum of care and respect for toddlers and giving you tools to meet the needs of this exciting and unique age group of children.

We will be unpacking how toddlers learn and covering how we can connect with these unique human beings.

Some of the areas we will be covering are relationships, self-regulation, social competency and schema.

A must for all teachers who work with toddlers. 
Afternoon tea provided, please advise if you have any dietary requirements.

Spaces are limited. Claim your spot today.

If you would like me to come to your area please get in touch

Tanya Valentin Professional Early Childhood Education Services