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I love getting out and about – facilitating workshops all over New Zealand.

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Building Resilience in ECE Leadership

Date And Time

Wed, 31 July 2019

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM 


Bayview Community Centre

72 Bayview Road


As leaders in ECE juggling our personal and professional lives can take its toll. Building our resilience is vital to our success.

The role of a leader in the early childhood profession is a dynamic and often rewarding role.

However, with the current stresses on our profession – increasing compliance and administration requirements, teacher shortages and emotional labour of being there for everyone can be challenging even for the most organised leader.

This course will give you tools and strategies that will support you to:

  • Build your resilience in your role.
  • Manage your stress
  • Become more confident in your role
  • Fill your tank.
  • Learn from the experiences of other leaders in the room.

Take the time to invest in yourself as a person and a leader.

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Redefining the Courageous Conversation – Building a culture of direct and clear communication.

Date And Time

Thu, 1 August 2019

9:30 AM – 12:30 PM 


Nathan Homestead

70 Hill Rd



Even the best teachers can struggle with some of the important parts of the job such as speaking confidently to other adults and communicating effectively. During this course, you’ll get to sharpen your communication skills, increase your confidence and learn how to manage your professional communications.

This course will cover:

• Confidence in communication – how to develop it (and fake it!)

• Appropriate communication boundaries

• The important factors of communication

• Managing conflict, and instigating courageous conversations

• Professional relationship building

Find out why conflict and courageous conversations are a key attribute to afunctional team culture.

*All leadership courses also provide you with an opportunity to connect with other leaders- AND always bring issues you need to discuss- it is YOUR TIME.

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Tanya Valentin Professional Early Childhood Education Services