3 Good Things for Teams – Team Building Ritual


Grow the positivity and resilience of the people in your team.  Strengthen the relationships and cohesiveness of your team culture through the power of this team-building gratitude ritual.


In my role as a leader, I often thought, “I wish that there was some way to make my team culture more positive!”

“If only, everyone could be focused on the good things in each other instead of picking on the negative!”

Does that sound familiar to you?

It is true that our brains are wired to be biased towards negativity. What we focus on grows and we have a natural tendency to focus on the things that go wrong. However, when are constantly focusing on the negative, this will become the vibe of our team and the undercurrent of our work environment. Since we spend such a significant amount of time in our place of work, negativity and stress can be harmful to our well being and to our team culture.

Research has shown when we shift our focus to gratitude, we cope with stress better, we are happier and healthier and more satisfied in our jobs and our lives.

3 Good Things for Teams was created to do just that. This team gratitude ritual is specially designed to add more joy, connection and optimism amongst the people in your work environment.

This ritual of noticing the good things that happen within your team will:

Increase the joy, optimism, resilience and well being of everyone in your team.

Eliminate gossip and strengthen the feelings of belonging and connectedness amongst the people in your place.

Improve motivation and productivity.

Improve collaboration and team morale.

Make your work environment a place that you love coming to each morning.

See what other people have said:

“What an incredible resource you have created and I have a team right now
that will benefit immensely so thank you for putting this together.”  T

Super excited to share this with my team at our next staff meeting.  Our focus question this year has been, “how are we promoting a culture of kindness?”  This little book is just one of the many tools we are using to grow our culture of kindness” Songbird Early Childhood Centre.


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