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Tanya Valentin ECE

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Tanya Valentin
Redefining Courageous Conversations – Manage conflict with confidence, give constructive feedback and create a culture of clear direct communication.


Tanya Valentin ECE
A Curriculum of Care and Respect for Infants – Learn how to develop a curriculum of care and respect in your setting as well as how you can implement primary care-giving.


Tanya Valentin ECE
Connecting With Toddlers – In this course you will be challenged to see toddlers in a new light, as well as explore how toddlers learn as well as what is needed from us in order to nurture empathetic, respectful, empowering connections with the toddlers in your life.


Intentional Teaching – Have you ever heard the term “intentional teaching” and wondered what this meant?  In this online course, I will guide you through many facets of what it means to be an intentional teacher and how to be more intentional in your practice.