Leadership Mentoring

Tanya Valentin

I provide coaching and mentoring  that works with you and is focussed on your needs.

 I believe that our professional selves cannot be separated for our personal selves.

With all the pressures on teachers and leaders it is all too easy to look after others first and ourselves last – often to the detriment of our own wellbeing.

We can so easily believe that we are alone in what we are going through or feel that we are isolated. 
Talking with someone who understands the complexity of your role can really be helpful for building your resilience and confidence as a leader.

Investing in an on-going mentoring partnership can have huge benefits for  yourself as a person and as well as an early childhood education professional.

Through one to one coaching in a face to face video call, I can support you to set personalised goals, overcome barriers and be your sounding board or accountability buddy.

My approach is tailor-made to suit your needs. 

Book a free 15 minute appointment to see how we could make it work for you.


Tanya Valentin Professional Early Childhood Education Services

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