ECE Rituals That Show You Care.

Tanya Valentin | ECE Rituals, The Birthday Tray
ECE Rituals, The Birthday Tray

I am often asked as a Centre Director how do you ensure that your team feel valued? I have been on a bit of a reflective journey on what heart led leadership truly means to me as a leader for the last few years. My latest discovery along the the way has been rituals.

What are rituals:

Rituals offer a sense of wonder and delight. They turn the every day mundane routines into something special and full of love. Rituals communicate that you value those around you. That you have taken the time to plan and execute something that is meaningful and heartfelt for the people involved.

Take for instance the birthday tray that we use to celebrate our fellow teachers birthdays.  A hot drink and a piece of home baking presented beautifully on fine bone china cups and saucers with fresh flowers and a candle.
It is not the cost of the gesture that counts, but more the thought and time put into the ritual that matters. Being presented with this beautiful birthday trays never fails to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

“By recognising someone in this way you are communicating: I see you, you are special to me, I care about you.”

What are the rituals you use at your ECE centres to show that you care?

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Hi Tanya

    I am reviewing our meal times and wanting to make them more meaningful. I am struggling to find readings around rituals, could you recommend any?

    1. Hi Hayley, thank you for getting touch. I have a blog on this site about mealtimes you can get it here. Other wise Pennie Brownlee and Janet Lansbury have some good articles. The Rituals book by Childspace is also great. All the best on your review!

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