Don’t Look Back, You Are Not Going That Way

Daily Mindfulness Rituals

Going to the beach before work to have my morning coffee to complete my daily mindfulness ritual has become my way of setting myself up for a focused, positive and productive day.  My job as a centre director of a busy ECE centre, often entails early morning starts with teachers ringing in sick.  This has me scrambling for relief teachers and reorganising my scheduled roster.  Add on top of this the Auckland traffic and the school run and you have the recipe for one frazzled woman.

I do not want to remain in this state of mind.  As I am in a position that requires me to be emotionally present for adults and children, I have created this ritual to prepare myself for the day.

Building a positive ritual, sets us up for something more beautiful than if we leave things to chance.  It means we are truly preparing ourselves in the head, heart and hand. – Kimberley Crisp

The Debris in the Way

The ocean has always been my calming place and it has become my ritual to go there before work to breath in the sea air and feel the sun on my face.  I close my eyes, concentrate on my breathing and think of all reasons I have to be grateful.

Today when I arrived at my happy place I was faced with debris strewn all over the beach.

Disappointed, I nearly turned back as I thought that my ritual would be ruined.   I nearly turned my car around and didn’t get out.  However, I talked myself into getting out of the car and going to the beach to have a look.  As I stepped over the debris I was rewarded with the most amazing view.

In getting past the obstacles in my way,  I was still able to enjoy my morning ritual and start my day off in a positive frame of mind.

So why I am I telling you this story?

Well, when I reflected on this experience I realised that it was a great metaphor for life.

The lessons I learnt were:

  • Life will always throw debris into your path. Those inconvenient, messy bits that make life challenging and threaten to ruin your “view”.
  • It takes faith and resilience to overcome the hurdles in life.  If we have faith and remain positive we will be rewarded with an amazing outcome.  The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it – Moliere
  • Once you are experiencing the fantastic view don’t let the debris in the background ruin it for you.  Leave the past in the past.  Don’t look over your shoulder and let the mess in your past ruin your present.  Don’t look back, you are not going that way!  Live in the present and enjoy being  in this beautiful moment.

And there you have it, three short lessons learnt on a beach.

Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future.  It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift – Oprah Winfrey.

If you would like to experience more mindfulness and joy in your life.

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