Meet Tanya

Tanya Valentin

A very warm welcome to you.

Let me introduce myself…

I learned to be resilient at a very young age.

Born in apartheid-torn South Africa one of my earliest memories are of hearing my mother speak to a friend about possible terrorists that might attack our country. I remember seeing photos of men with AK47s in the local newspaper and being absolutely terrified thinking they might come to my house.  I was four at the time.

I grew up wanting to write. I was told that wasn’t a worthwhile pursuit, that it wasn’t a “real job”. I believed that my words were not valid, that my opinions didn’t count. 

I was the “quiet” girl, the “sensitive” girl, the “did as she was told” girl, the “nice” girl. I felt that it was not safe to be me, that I had to pretend to be someone else in order to be accepted. 

I worked so hard at fitting in that I disappeared.

Throughout my years this is the silent battle that I have always had to fight against – my programming, the story that I believed to be true about myself. 

It took a long time to figure out that I didn’t have to mindlessly follow my programming, that I didn’t have to live this story.  I have the power to change the narrative of who I am, that I can have different thoughts and form new beliefs. This is when things really started shifting for me when I truly started to belong instead of merely fitting in.

My experience has taught me to value and respect children and their right to be, right to choose, and right to become. I firmly believe that we lead, teach and parent from who we are. I learned the hard way through my own life apprenticeship the impact disempowering childhood messages can have. How this can be the war that you constantly wage in yourself.  

When you work with me I will support you to connect with and nurture your “whole” self. I support you to challenge the disempowering “stories” that you have, that are holding you back so that you can be the confident, resilient, empowered woman that I know they already are.

What is Holistic Leadership Coaching?

“Holistic” describes a philosophy that is characterized by the belief that parts of something are intimately interconnected. In holistic leadership, we do not only take into account the WHAT and the HOW of leadership but also WHO we need to be in order to be confident, empowered leaders.

I believe that our professional selves and our personal selves cannot be separated and that we are wonderfully complex holistic beings. What we do in one area of our lives affects others. We are who we lead and so a holistic leadership approach is about aligning the whole person – mind, body, emotions, spirit, values, beliefs, and behaviors.

Leadership is taking responsibility for ourselves and the impact that we have in the world.

As a holistic leadership coach, I help you to create a clear vision for how you would like to live your life personally and professionally based on what is important to you. I support you to look at what is currently happening for you and what might be holding you back. I then work with you to align your thoughts, values, beliefs, and behaviors so that you can implement strategies to help you succeed.

I would love to chat with you to find out how I can best support you.

My Values:

Service – I am inspired to make a real difference through my passion to support female leaders on their unique life and leadership pathways.

Respect – I aim to treat all that I meet with empathy and respect. I acknowledge that kindness, compassion, and gratitude start with me.

Courage – I strive to stay courageous, vulnerable and to stay true to who I am, and be imperfectly, authentically me.

Curiosity – I am on a life-long learning journey. Curiosity drives me to want to know why, and ask, “what if?”. I believe that it is through our curiosity and the courage to truly know ourselves that we transform ourselves and the world around us.

Empowerment – I seek to empower others to lean into and trust their intuition, knowledge, and their inner wild wise woman.

Playfulness – I remember to keep the child in me alive through playfulness and a sense of wonder.

Legacy – I would like to leave a legacy of emotionally literate, heart-led, intuitive human beings

My Mission:

To remind you of just how valuable, precious and powerful you are and to work with you to co-create magic in your life.